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We are currently working very hard to expand our selection of quality satellite dish covers.

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All New!

Dish armor is now on a mission to make all those ugly dull gray satellite dishes look pretty!

You can now customize your satellite dish with your own dish cover in many new colors and styles!

Get a color to match your house, your mood, or your favorite team!

Make your neighbors jealous!

all colors and styles still provide the same reduction of snow buildup!

Dish Armor reduces snow on your satellite dish.

Here's why it works to repel snow and ice ...

1.  Once your Dish Armor is installed, it creates a flat surface so the snow doesn't collect in the "bowl" of your dish.

2.  The air gap between Dish Armor and your satellite dish provides a warmer surface where the snow lands helping it to melt off.

3.  The super slick surface of Dish Armor means that any snow that does temporarily collect can't freeze and lock on to the cold rough metal satellite dish surface.    Snow will melt and fall off during and soon after snow stops.

4.  The black surface will attract and keep heat from the sun, similar to vinyl car seats and dashes.    Ultraviolet rays from the sun penetrate through clouds and keep the fabric warm even in the shade.

Q & A

Q.  Do I need to remove my Dish Armor during the summer months?

A.  No.    Dish Armor has weathered summer storms and the heat from direct sunlight.

Q.  Will there NEVER be snow on my new Dish Armor cover?

A.   Dish Armor prevents most snow and ice accumulation, however, certain conditions create a snow that may Temporarily build on the cover that will normally melt or slide off in a very short time.   We have been told that a well thrown snowball at the dish or cover will make any snow instantly bounce off of the dish!

Q.  Who will install my new Dish Armor cover?

A.  Dish Armor is a self install product that requires no tools and only 2 minutes to install.    It does however, require that you are able to reach your satellite dish SAFELY.    If you are uncomfortable with reaching your satellite dish, please contact a friend, relative, or consult a home builder or roofer in your area to help with installation.

Q.  Is Dish Armor installed by satellite technicians.   

A.  At this time, neither Directv or Dish Network have officially endorsed this product.  Satellite technicians normally will not install this product.    Most technicians are aware of the snow issues and may install in trade for a good service survey.    Neither Directv or Dish Network will schedule an appointment only to install this product.


Also found on:      Amazon and Ebay

Dish Armor was originally designed as a slick barrier between your satellite dish and the winter weather!

Snow commonly collects on all satellite dishes, and freezes overnight.    Ice on your satellite dish will drastically reduce the signal strength causing the dreaded "searching for satellite" screen on your tv!

Dish Armor will reduce that snow and ice build up that prevents signal loss.    The extra weight of the ice on your dish can also cause it to move out of alignment.    No more climbing ladders and walking on your roof in the winter just to clear off the dish!

Dish Armor installs in just minutes and will last for years.    

Extremely durable fabric (similar to the material used for parachutes)

Self adjusting drawstring closure will fit all Directv and Dish Network dish types.   It may fit some models Shaw Direct, Bell Canada and any other ​dish types up to 37" wide and 24" tall.

Complete instructions on how to install in just minutes

Works great no matter where you have your dish mounted (roof, pole, or deck.) ​

Have a dish larger than listed above?   Contact us for a quote on a custom sized cover.