Dish Armor Installation

Step 1: Position your Dish Armor cover over the front of your satellite dish with the drawstring cord across the back and the notched side of the cover on the bottom of your dish. From this position, wrap the draw string completely areound the dish. Dull side should face out.

Step 2: Holding the top of the cover with one hand, pull the elastic drawstring out and up enough to tighten up the drawstring.    Engage the locking stopper. Rearrange the cover so that all edges of the cover are overlapping the entire front of your dish.    

Step 3: Pull the drawstring tightly to snug the cover around the dish.    Ensure that the cover is tight across the front of your dish and that the elastic drawstring is pulling on the cover evenly. Be sure not to pull too hard, you may accidentally move the dish out of allignment. 

Step 4: After making sure that the cover is on tightly, make sure the locking stopper is fully engaged and tie a knot in the drawstring to ensure the locking stopper does not slip.    Tuck any extra drawstring inside the overlapped cover.

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